Finding The Right Hat For Your Face Shape

Finding The Right Hat For Your Face Shape
25th November 2021 Jane Taylor
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Hats are on the rise again, not just for special occasions such as weddings and racedays like Royal Ascot, they are making an appearance in everyday style. Before making a hat purchase it is really worth knowing what your face shape is so you can select a hat style that will really suit and flatter you. The following are some top tips from the Jane Taylor London team:

Oval & Heart shaped faces – Well you are one of the lucky ones as you can wear almost all hat shapes and look good. That said, you need to think about balancing the hat with your outfit choice and consider the shade of colour carefully. See our article on selecting a hat to work with your outfit.

Square face shape – Square, angular faces are balanced out and softened with rounded shapes, floppy styles, soft embellishments such as flowers and feathers and the very on trend veiling. Also consider, cocktail hats that are worn at the front of the face (always on the right side) and hat styles with brims that cut across the face.

Round face shape – Elongation is the goal, so go for higher crown hats, high perching bands, such as our Moon Crescent Headbands or asymmetrical designs that cut across the face. Avoid brimmed designs that sit low on the forehead.

Long/Oblong face shapes – A long face does not need additional height. It is best balanced with extra width such as a wide brim hats. Short crown hats with a brim that cuts low across the forehead can be flattering.

If you wear glasses – Cocktail hats will work better than hats with a low brim that sit close to the frame of the glasses.

All face shapes – Generally speaking, everyone is safe with asymmetrical hats that sweep flatteringly across the face. Rounded cocktail hats can also be good choice for most face shapes.

Head size – To measure your head for a hat, you should take the measurement around the forehead and the largest part of the back of your head. So, you now have face shape hat selection sorted, now you should think about finding the right balance for your chosen outfit and pick a shade that flatters your skin tone. Do check out our online store for inspiration. You can also read our other top tips articles and get in touch if you have any questions.