How to wear a hat & hat etiquette – Do’s & Don’ts

How to wear a hat & hat etiquette – Do’s & Don’ts
25th November 2021 Jane Taylor
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Hats are making a huge comeback but if you are new to wearing hats then it can be a little daunting. The top tips below from the Jane Taylor London Team will help you wear a hat with confidence. You can also check out our other articles packed with hat buying & wearing tips.

How should a hat be worn?

  • Cocktail hats should be worn so they sit just above the rights eyebrow, about a finger’s width.
  • Most Jackie O styles should be worn with your hair inside the hat.
  • Brimmed hats should be worn with the brim cutting across the face with is very flattering.
  • Always wear the hat tipped to the right ie just over your right eyebrow.
  • If your hat comes with an elastic band, then that goes at the back under your hairline, not under your chin!
  • Fear of a hat coming off is a common one. Hats are often supplied with a haircomb which is best secured into slightly backcombed hair

When can I take my hat off?

  • At weddings, it is a tradition that when the mother of the bride takes her hat off, then it’s a signal for everyone else to.
  • If you are wearing a big, large brim hat then you really should take the hat off indoors, for the safety of people sitting near you!
  • A smaller neater hat or headband could be left on if you are more comfortable wearing it.

What if it’s raining?

  • The big no is getting a hat wet. Hats are produced by steam shaping them around a block so rain will make them misshaped. Keep that umbrella handy!
  • If your hat does become misshaped, then your milliner will happily reshape it for you if it is possible. You can also have hats retrimmed, so they get used again and are truly sustainable fashion.

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