How to wear on trend headbands

How to wear on trend headbands
8th November 2018 Jane Taylor

Possibly the most versatile head piece, headbands are unsurprisingly on trend. See our  How To Wear video guide on You Tube for on trend styling tips.

Rising to the occasion in sumptuous velvet, they can be regal with added bead details, edgy in wet look leather or softened with flowers, feathers or a veil, perfect for occasion wear, race days and weddings, guest or bride.

Headbands lend themselves to varied texture and depth, with twists and knots, asymmetrical designs, turbans, moons and crescents. They also can be made in different heights, think Emma Louise Connolly in the Jane Taylor London oversized red turban headband. It was bespoke designed to complement her stunning scarlet high neck Alessandra Rich dress and was selected by fashion editors as one of the best dressed at HRH Princess Eugenie’s wedding day. A few tips to help select and wear headbands:

  • Pick a band in a fabric that works with your outfit. Velvet is perfect for Autumn/Winter whilst lighter fabrics work better in the spring and warmer months. Bespoke pieces can be made to match your fabric or even in your fabric if you can supply it.
  • In terms of colour, do you want to match, contrast or choose a colour in the same tonal palette? We love talking about colour and can provide lots of direction or custom dye to get the exact shade you need.
  • If you already have your outfit, consider how simple or busy the design is and choose a piece that works with that.
  • Consider what type of look you are going for, clean without embellishments, soft and natural with flowers or perhaps a bit more sexy with a veil. You might want something more architectural and striking, feathers are great at doing this and can add height too.
  • If you are going for a veil, it is worth knowing that spotted veil fabric isn’t that photogenic and can give interesting shots, not always what you are looking for.
  • Wear the band to the front of your head rather than towards the back.
  • Make sure its on the right way! At Jane Taylor London we put our labels at the back so you do not make this mistake.

Please get inspiration from the headbands in our shop or pop into our store on Kings Road, Chelsea  to try some out.