The Allure of the Veil and Visor in Fashion

The Allure of the Veil and Visor in Fashion
28th December 2019 Sally Larkin
Pill box Hat with Visor Veil by Jane Taylor London

Not exclusive to brides, veils have been adding a fashion interest and elegance to hats and headbands for centuries. Whilst they have their part to play in tradition, bridal, cultural and mourning, they continue to be a fashion revival but in truth rarely go away.The mystery and coyness of hiding a little from view is a key feature of a veil. In the 1930s the fashion of a short veil, worn at lengths from just below the eyes to just below the nose, was led in part by Marlene Dietrich in the film Shanghai Express. Hats with short veils were common place in the 1950s too and there have been more recent revivals in the last few decades too. Whilst longer lengths have featured as styles, it’s the more practical cut off design that draws attention to the face that is on trend today. These shorter veil styles are often called birdcage or visor veils.Veils are usually constructed from tulle or organza. Their structure being loose and open or denser and more opaque. Fashion details such as on trend polka dots and pearls can also add elegance.See some of our veiled designs here. All of which can be bespoke made to your fabric, colour  and veil choice. If you have something else in mind, then do get in touch as we love to create original designs to your requirements too.

Velvet Small Moon Headband with Veil

Veiled Cocktail Hat with Felt Faberge Rose, Crin, & Feather Trim

Pillbox Hat with Visor Veil

‘Burnt Orange Hat with Bow & Veil

Black Cocktail Hat with Bow and Veiling

Beret with Veiling

]Ivory Turban Headband with Veil

Halo Band with Veil

Small Tweed Moon Headband with Veil