Racing Style Inspriation

Royal Ascot takes place in Mid June. Steeped in rich heritage and history, it is a national institution and one of the highlights of both the British Social Calendar and the Millinery Calendar. It is a time of extravagance in hat making, as this most regarded accessory is worn by all.

Raceday style inspiration can be drawn from our new SS22 collection and in the gallery below. Click here for bespoke appointments to discuss your piece.

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The Raceday Edit

Organza Pleated Pomona Jane Taylor LondonOrganza Pleated Pomona Jane Taylor London

Organza Pleated Pomona

From £3,850.00
XL Mena Jane Taylor LondonXL Mena Jane Taylor London

XL Mena Two Tone

From £3,100.00
Copy of XL Mena Two Tone Jane Taylor LondonCopy of XL Mena Two Tone Jane Taylor London


From £1,690.00
Pomona in Fine Straw Jane Taylor LondonPomona in Fine Straw Jane Taylor London

Pomona in Fine Straw

From £2,450.00
Xanthe Jane Taylor LondonXanthe Jane Taylor London


From £3,600.00
Vitula Jane Taylor DesignVitula Jane Taylor Design


Nona Jane Taylor DesignNona Jane Taylor Design